Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Exchange Ideas

In the Greek community, each fraternity and sorority participates in an event called “exchanges.” An exchange is basically a social event between one fraternity and one sorority. In these events, there is a basic theme. These themes can range from something boring such as an 80s exchange to something more creative such as a Tie exchange. Here in DTF, we understand that it can be difficult to think of a creative yet fun exchange where both fraternity and sorority can interact with each other smoothly. In order to help out those people responsible in setting up these exchanges, DTF will provide some exchange themes ideas.

Tie Exchange

A “Tie Exchange” is one of the more formal exchange ideas. The dress code for each fraternity and sorority is more formal than normal. For the fraternity, each man needs to be in business casual clothes. For the sorority, each girls needs to be dressed up like they would if they are going to a semi-formal or formal dance. Each fraternity members need to provide a tie to their social chairman. All of the ties collected will be placed on a location where each sorority girl can grab a tie. The ties can all be placed on a table by the entrance door so each sorority girl has easy access to it or each tie can be hung on a wall and the sorority girls can just grab it as they pass.

The goal of the “Tie Exchange” is to have each sorority girl find the owner of the tie they grabbed from the front door or the wall. This allows everyone to freely meet and interact with each other. Once a sorority girl finds the owner of the tie then it is the fraternity boy’s responsibility to take care of the girl’s needs.

DTF recommends this type of exchange if a fraternity and sorority are generally unfamiliar with each other. This allows interaction among the two student organizations in a fun and interesting atmosphere.

Nuts and Bolts Exchange

Unlike the “Tie Exchange,” the “Nuts and Bolts” exchange is more casual. In fact, this type of exchange encourages the fraternity and sorority to dress up as construction workers. Depending on the creativity level of the fraternity boy or sorority girl, they can either way white shirts with carpenter pants or a warning vest with denim shorts.

In a “Nuts and Bolts” exchange, the social chairman needs to acquire enough nuts to give out to all of the sorority girls and enough bolts to give out to the fraternity boys. However, there can only be one combination of nuts and bolts that fit. Once the winning combination of nuts and bolts is found, the fraternity boy and sorority girl who uncovered the right combination wins a prize. The prize can be anything, depending on what the social chairman chooses.

Similar to the “Tie Exchange,” this type of exchange allows the fraternity and sorority to meet each other in a fun environment. Since it will take awhile before the winning combination is found, this will give everyone enough time to meet and introduce himself or herself to everyone in the exchange.

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APhi-KMK said...

I LOVE both of these exchange idea's, I am an Alpha Phi - from Manitoba Canada, I was just recently given the position of Social Chair previous to end of semester. We are a smaller chapter with limited exchange idea's due to our lack of greek housing on both sorority and fraternity ends. Do you have any suggestions as to where these could be held?